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Your Soul’s In-Box

Precious beings of Light, Love wants to guide you in every step of your life.  The Love of You seeks to show you most love-filled and joyful path of your day.  Love shows this to you through your Heart.  This is why, precious reader, that it is so important for … Continue reading

Opening to Trust Myself

Last night I gained new understanding of the power of my I Am Presence, the power of Me. This new understanding came through the experience of shifting the pain of a relationship into Love. It was an old pain that traced back to my childhood but made visible in this … Continue reading

More to come!

Soul Blossoming

The only way to blossom is to open.

Soul Transformation

Who You Are is waiting to emerge.

Soul Nourishment

All you need comes from within!

Soul Service

As YOU emerge, you brighten the world that much more!
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Words that uplift blossom like flowers wherever the fall. ~Leia Love